Rp30 Billion Majestic Mosque in Mamuju Regency

Tri Kurniawan    •    Jumat, 26 Jun 2015 16:01 WIB
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Rp30 Billion Majestic Mosque in Mamuju Regency
Madaniah Mosque (Photo: Antara)

Metrotvnews.com, Mamuju: A mosque will become an icon for the people of North Mamuju Regency, West Sulawesi. The construction of this majestic mosque, named as Madaniah Mosque, has spent Rp30 million budget.

"The construction of Madaniah Mosque now had reached four stages, since the first stage in 2012. Practically, the budget up to 2015 has reached more or less Rp30 billion," said the Head of Public Works of Matra Regency, H. Basri Yunus in North Mamuju, Friday (6/26/2015).

He mentioned the construction work of the mosque is targeted to be concluded on October 29 this year. The initial plan was for the mosque to be opened for public to pray.

"Should there be any delay (of construction), the partnering party must provide good reasons, as it will only extended to December of the working year to be completed," Basri said.

He explained that the Rp30 billion budget was meant especially for the mosque's construction, including the tower, garden and the cleric's residence. He mentioned that from the beginning, the government had considered the aesthetics to beautify the mosque with six towers.

However, since the budget to build the tower was insufficient, the government decided to build only four towers, each with 45 meters in height. "A tower may take more than Rp2 billion of budget," he explained. (Antara) (EPS)