Pertamina Conducts Two Months of Market Test for Pertalite

Annisa ayu artanti    •    Jumat, 24 Jul 2015 15:25 WIB
Pertamina Conducts Two Months of Market Test for Pertalite
Photo: Antara, Jakarta: PT Pertamina (tbk) is planning to conduct market test on the new variant of fuel, Pertalite, within the next two months.

Director of Pertamina Dwi Soetjipto said, the market test on Pertalite conducted simultaneously today in 101 fuel stations across Indonesia's major cities, such as Bandung, Jabodetabek and Surabaya is to be conducted for two full months.

"We have planned this market test to run for two months," said Dwi during the launching of Pertalite at the COCO 31-10202 Fuel Station in Jalan Abdul Muis, Central Jakarta, Friday (7/24/2015).

Dwi added that following the market test, Pertamina is to evaluate the fuel with Research Octane Number (RON) 90 to be decided on its price and further marketing schemes.

"Then we will evaluate. The market test is related to whether the understanding of benefits may be felt by consumers, where the measurements are the public who buys it," he explained.

From the measurement, Dwi said it may decide the future marketing of this new product. Aside from that, it will also evaluate the pricing of Pertalite. Pertamina welcomes all inputs from consumers, which will later be considered as the evaluation materials.

"Regarding to the pricing, of course it is part of the test. We shall see later whether the pricing is evaluated, and should there be negative inputs, they will be a review for us. We shall also see whether we will continue to wider commerce," he concluded. (EPS)