Representing E-commerce, Go-Jek CEO Conveyed Aspiration to Jokowi

Ellavie Ichlasa Amalia    •    Rabu, 05 Aug 2015 15:52 WIB
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Representing E-commerce, Go-Jek CEO Conveyed Aspiration to Jokowi
Gojek CEO Nadiem Makarim. (Photo: MI / Panca Syurkani), Jakarta: Coinciding with the officiation of Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), on Tuesday (8/4/2015), a creative community dialog was also held with President Joko Widodo. The creative industry itself was split into several different categories  such as film, e-commerce, music, publishing, design and theatre.

Each category was represented by a speaker explaining to the president about their problems. Aside from that, they also provided suggestions to the government on what they can do to assist the development of creative industry.

E-commerce industry is represented by the CEO and founder of GO-JEK Nadiem Makarim. In this direct dialogue, Nadiem mentioned that within 5 to 10 years, software engineers demand will be very high. Therefore, Nadiem suggested that since high school, the students are given computer programming subject. 

While as the e-commerce industry representative, Nadiem mentioned that the players felt they were able to regulate their own industry. Aside from that, he mentioned that sometimes the government regulations had limited and troubled e-commerce players.

Nadiem hoped that the government is to provide freedom for the companies to receive capital, both locally and internationally. Therefore, it is hoped that the companies would be able to develop faster.

"The startup companies needs freedom to gain investments from domestic or abroad, so they would be able to compete. After a startup company is at a certain level, they need this freedom. Therefore, it is hoped that there would be Indonesian Uber, Indonesian Alibaba, to Indonesian Google," Nadiem said.

On this matter, Jokowi agreed that investment should be opened as wide as possible. He felt that currently, it is time for conventional industries to get a touch of technology to make it up to date. He mentioned that there will be lots of people gaining the favor if new applications are made to assist the society, such as the application to predict weather for farmers or applications for fishermen.

To conclude the dialog session, Jokowi is asked to write a note to inspire the spirit of creative industry. To a tablet, Jokowi wrote "Creative economy era should be the backbone of Indonesian economy."