Trump Meeting Follow Up: DPR Urged to Reshuffle Leaders

Misbahol Munir    •    Senin, 07 Sep 2015 13:08 WIB
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Trump Meeting Follow Up: DPR Urged to Reshuffle Leaders
Fadli Zon (1st L) and Setya Novanto (4th L) are seen at the campaign of the presidential hopeful candidate Donald Trump in New York, US, 3rd September, 2015. (Photo: CNN), Jakarta: The meeting between the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the People's Representative Council Setya Novanto and Fadli Zon, at the campaign of the Presidential hopeful candidate Donald Trump was a serious violation. It can be interpreted as a political intervention to other country.

The idea was stated by the Chairman of PPP Committee (DPP PPP) of the Foreign Affairs Sector, Usman M Tokan. He thinks the embarrassing moment showed the low standard of the two speakers of the house. They, the foremen of the Red and White Coalition (KMP) were even seen as not understanding their responsibility and main functions as arranged in the Law No. 17/2014 on MD3.

"There was a serious violation conducted by Novanto and Fadli Zon within its capacity as the leaders of the house (DPR)," said Usman M Tokan in his written statement to, Sunday (9/6/2015).

The two leaders, he thinks, breached the 1945 Constitution and Article 3 of Law No. 37 Year 1999, on the Foreign Relationship arranging the Indonesian principles of foreign politics, which are free and active. According to Doni, how Usman usually is called, free is translated as Indonesia not taking sides on any powers which are essentially not aligned with nation's personality, as reflected in Pancasila.

"Trump, who is still a presidential candidate hopeful of a party, and always put remarks on racism, inequality and anti-peace between the countries, which are against the 1945 Constitution, was met by the house leaders," he affirmed.

Aside from that, the two leaders have breached Article 12 letter b of the DPR Code of Conduct, which obligated all members of the house, including its leaders, to abide by the law. Doni affirmed that Novanto and Fadli have breached the DPR Leaders' oath, as arranged in Article 29 paragraph (2) of the discipline, which obligated the leaders to hold firmly on Pancasila and 1945 Constitution during their leadership.

"Based on Article 37 letter b of the DPR Code of Conduct, the two leaders should be brought into the Council Honors Board (MKD) for the deliberation on their dismissal under the breaching of their oath," he affirmed.

He also insinuated that the leaders have completed the failure of the institution in conducting their obligations of legislative field. Currently, following 11 months under the current leadership, the house was only able to produce at least four legislations, far more from the 2015 projected target of 37 laws.

"Not mentioning the statements of the house's leaders which recently made the national politic situation worse, as saying stupid, crazy, insinuating the labors, as well as the desire to continue 7 DPR projects," he elaborated.

Doni also highlighted the insensitivity of the leaders against the people. In the middle of the worsening economic condition, the leaders insisted to continue 7 projects of the DPR complex by wasting the state fund.

"PPP assessed that this time is the perfect momentum to change the DPR leaders through the revision of MD3 Laws and DPR Code of Conduct," he concluded.