Indonesian Furniture Industry Less Competitive than Vietnam

Eko Nordiansyah    •    Senin, 21 Sep 2015 16:42 WIB
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Indonesian Furniture Industry Less Competitive than Vietnam
A worker finished his work at furniture industry in Temanggung, Central Java, July 8, 2014. (Photo: Antara / ANIS EFIZUDIN), Jakarta: Association of Indonesian Furniture and Crafts (AMKRI) assessed that the export industry of furniture from Indonesia is still less competitive compared to Vietnam. It also changes the perception which stated that so far, Chinese products are the only competitors for Indonesian products.

"We're not against China, even with Vietnam we lost competition," said the Secretary General of AMKRI, Abdul Sobur in the MM UGM Building, Jalan Sahardjo, Tebet, South Jakarta, Sunday (9/20/2015).

He added that the Vietnam furniture industry income has attained higher export value than those recorded by Indonesian industry.

"Indonesian furniture industry reached US$2.8 billion, while Vietnam last year was US$5.6 billion. It has reached US$7.6 billion, meanwhile, our target this year decreased to only US$2 billion," he explained.

The success of Vietnam to be favored in the global market, he thinks, is due to a better competitive power.

""Vietnam has a 30 percent more efficient competitiveness if compared to us," he stated.