Minister of Industry: US Companies Attracts Investment to Indonesia

Husen Miftahudin    •    Jumat, 13 Nov 2015 19:44 WIB
Minister of Industry: US Companies Attracts Investment to Indonesia
Minister of Industry Saleh Husin (Photo: Antara), Jakarta: Ministry of Industry continues to boost foreign investment to be able to push the flow of national industry. Therefore, national industry will be able to boost the economic weakening, which is currently in a slowdown.

The Minister of Industry Saleh Husin mentioned that his party is currently aiming for the incoming investments from American (US) companies. The investment from Uncle Sam is hoped to place investment in telematics, metal, food and beverages, as well as logistics services.

"Investment from the US is not about the number of investments coming in. The names of huge companies are also influential in pulling the investment from other countries to Indonesia, as they are multinational in average and runs global class brands," mentioned Saleh in his written statement in Jakarta, Friday (11/13/2015).

As known, US companies which have invested in Indonesia, among others, are Coca Cola, Google, IBM, Intel, HP, Merck, Nike, Philip Morris, Visa, Procter and Gamble, Boeing, as well as Ford. Aside from that, in the energy and mining sectors are huge names such as Chevron, Freeport, BP and ExxonMobil.

"I have seen how the US companies not only taking benefits from domestic market. I took a closer look how high technology from the US is operated in Indonesia by locals and utilizing domestic raw materials," he stated.

Saleh added that the stronger business relation with the US will provide positive impact for the development of industries in Indonesia. It is hoped that more US companies will invest in manufacturing industry, to increase the domestic industry through transfer of technology.

"In my opinion, the chances of increasing investment continues to open along with the publications of the economic policy packages carrying the spirit of investment simplification to move the economy and develop national industry," concluded Saleh.

As informed, since 2010 into the Q3 of 2015, the value of US investment is as much as US$8.24 billion. Even until September this year, US investments have reached US$853.7 million. Up to the next five years, it is hoped that the US investments of US$61 billion will be provided to assist the government in reaching the investment and growth target.