Looking at 30-Meter Tsunami Trace in Lampung

Nia Deviyana    •    Senin, 16 Nov 2015 12:26 WIB
Looking at 30-Meter Tsunami Trace in Lampung
A sea sign as heavy as 250 kilograms and 40 meters tall in Dipangga Park, Lampung. (Photo: MTVN/Nia Deviyana)

Metrotvnews.com, Bandar Lampung: If you go through the front side of Lampung Police, you will see a park named Dipangga. The park, located at WR. Supratman was seen as another common park and nothing special. However, the park keeps a very dark history for Lampung residence. 

The park is a remembrance of the tsunami hitting the area, as an affect of the Krakatoa volcanic eruption back in 1883.

The monument was marked with a sea sign as heavy as 250 kilograms and 40 meters tall.

"When Krakatoa erupted, there was a tsunami of 30 meters in height. Well, the sea sign was drifted here," explained Yaman Aziz, Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Promotion Board of Lampung, when met by Metrotvnews.com, recently.

The relief pictured by Mohammad Saleh along the monument was also picturing the devastating eruption of Krakatoa. The relief pictured the activities of the people prior and after the explosion of the mountain located in the Sunda Strait.

The sea sign of the Krakatoa Monument is not the only item swept away by the tsunami wave. Another sea sign was struck into Kampung Talang, as it is given a fence to preserve it.

As known, Krakatoa eruption had made a part of the world dark for two and a half days due to the volcanic ash covering the atmosphere. The sun had been dim up to the next year, whereas the spraying dust had been present on the Norwegian sky, up to New York. 

Simon Winchester, who is a writer for National Geographic explained that Krakatoa was the greatest disaster in the history of modern humanity. The sound of the eruption, which had killed 36,000 people, was heard as far as 4,600 kilometers or by 1/8 of the people on earth.