ISO Certification, Way of Businessmen to Face AEC

Ade Hapsari Lestarini    •    Kamis, 19 Nov 2015 14:36 WIB
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ISO Certification, Way of Businessmen to Face AEC
Eddy Ganefo (left) (Photo: Antara/Wahyu Putro), Jakarta: The ISO certification is one of the efforts of the businessmen to face the challenges of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) on January 1, 2016. One of them is by the establishment of Management System certification, which is the quality management system ISO9001:2008.
The idea was conveyed by the Chairman of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (COC) Eddy Ganefo when talking in front of the participants of the International Conference of AEC, which has been conducted on November 17 and 18.

"It will be very good for the businesspeople as a measure to face AEC. The idea is, that when AEC is applied, then there will be free trading among member nations in Asia," mentioned Eddy, in his statement in front of the participants of the conference from 14 nations, including Britain, Japan and Malaysia, as quoted from his written statement on Thursday (11/19/2015).

According to Eddy, all businessmen in Indonesia are in need of anticipation and preparation measures to face the AEC. One of the standards is through the ISO certification. It is hoped that from this cooperation, Indonesian businesspeople may go forward in obtaining the ISO certification.
The COC hopes that with the ACM Indonesia cooperation, business people in the country will be ISO certified. By following this certification, the businessmen will acquire proper training to understand how the quality procedures are applied.

ISO proves that the quality procedures within the brand company are consistent in producing the qualities of its products. "With the quality procedures, then the quality of the products may be maintained consistently," he explained.

Eddy added that the ISO certification had started some time ago, especially for the companies required to have the ISO certificate. However, naturally the ISO certification is not applied only for the required businessmen. 

He advised that the businesspeople who are not required should also obtain the ISO certification as proof of well maintenance and their readiness to face the AEC..

To maintain the consistent quality of the product, quality management is in need. Every ISO certificate holder will be imposed external audit every six months, as well as internal audit for every three months. The principles are simple, Eddy continued, as easy as doing what is written and write what has been done.

The ACM cooperation with COC is hoped to become a good start. Looking forward, the COC is to conduct empowerments to the regions, according to the motto of the new paradigm, which is to empower regional businesses and businessmen, to empower the business from the sidelines to the centre in the sake of equal business and businesspeople distribution.

COC data shows that currently, there are still lots of businesspeople who do not own the ISO certification. The majority of businesspeople having the ISO is a large company, as they needed the ISO as a term in joining large tenders or auctions. Nevertheless, this quality certification has lots of grades, from the small to large grades.

The future strategy will empower regional businesspeople equally, from the sidelines to the cities. It is conducted as the measure to reduce imports. It is hoped that when the economy improves, the welfare of the public will be improved.

"Do not let Indonesia become the market of outsiders. As currently, Indonesia is flooded with imported rice, imported soybeans, imported corns. However, Indonesia is an agricultural country, with vast lands, many working force, as well as sufficient technology. Don't let us be fooled by becoming other people's market. Indonesia is praised for eating tofu and tempeh, in order to buy their soybeans," he concluded.