Trace of Portuguese Influence in Timor Woven Fabric

Putu Radar Bahurekso    •    Minggu, 13 Dec 2015 21:35 WIB
Trace of Portuguese Influence in Timor Woven Fabric
Timor Woven Fabric (Photo: MTVN/Putu Radar Bahurekso), Jakarta: East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) is a province filled with woven fabric. Almost every region and regency has their own distinctive fabric, including the Timor Island, which has Timor Weaving (Tenun Timor).
Tenun Timor is one of the treasure and cultural product of Timor community. The motives are inspired from various ideas, starting from the daily life, natural resources, as well as the nature of life on the Timor community.
"As there are many islands and regions in NTT, then the motive of each regency is different, and the weaving motive in NTT can be inspired from anywhere," mentioned Monika, Flores born weaver in the Textile Museum, Jakarta, Thursday (12/10/2015).
But when seen and studied, there are many motives of Tenun Timor which came from Portuguese. Timor is the longest occupied by Portuguese, as some of the motives are influenced by the nation.

"Some of them are (inspired), not all. They were inspired then translated and meant with local knowledge of the community there," mentioned Judi Achjadi, honorary curator of the Textile Museum Festival 2015.
"If it is an experienced weaver, usually when they see something, then they love the form, usually they may apply it into a motive. The ones being used a lot is inspired from the plants motives such as Oak Leaf," continued Judi.

Not only the motives, but several other things have also inspired and enriched the development of Tenun Timor, which is color and material.
"There are also materials from silk, which is a Chinese trading tool, as wherever they went, China always brought silk. Also the color, as the Tenun Timor has lots of bright colors such as those in the Portuguese fabric back then. So it is impossible to be inspired from the Dutch, as they he loved the natural and plain color at the time," concluded Judi.